New Netscape beta is an interesting variation on digg

Netscapes new beta versionNetscape yesterday launched a beta version of their site. At first glance it is a digg clone. But its puts on some interesting twist by having an editorial team to follow the proposed stories and introduces another set of buzzwords: metajournalism and social journalism.

Jason Calacanis (GM of Netscape): “We did not create the New Netscape to copy DIGG, no more than DIGG copied Delicious or Delicious copied Furl. All of these sites are evolutions of the first wave of bookmarking services. The key thing we are doing different is that we are having our editorial team followup on stories that make it to the top 20 list. We’re not doing this to become gatekeepers, but rather to add a journalist process to the power of social bookmarking. You can call this metajournalism or social journalism, and I think it’s the logical next step.

“If the audience votes a negative story about AOL to the top of the list (like they did today–our first day!), we will follow up on it for our users. If the audience votes up a negative story about Netscape–like this one–we will follow up on that as well.

I know this is very meta, but this is the evolution. Journalism–>Wisdom of Crowds–>Journalism—>Discussion=Better Journalism.”

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