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  • 2006 World Digital Publishing Conference- The guardian gets it ;-)

    Last week the 1st World Digital Publishing Conference took place in London. Unfortunately only the summaries of the different talks are available. There is also only little resonance in the blogosphere. As somebody with a technological background i’m especially pleased with the following quote: “We need to realize that our star software developers are as […]

  • Chumby and Greenphone, opening up the embedded device market

    Recently two hardware announcements caught my interest, not only because cool mobile devices were introduced. More interestingly to me was the fact they brought the openness we all know from the open source software on our PCs and Laptops to the embedded devices market. First Qtopia, announced the greenphone, a mobile phone that targets developers […]

  • Sony GPS-C1: A photo geocoding accessory done the wrong way

    Geocoding photos. i.e. adding latitude and longitude to a photos’ metadata gets more popular every day. To my knowledge the following options for geocoding images exist: “Integrated solution”: Professionals could use the nikon D200 with an attached Garmin (or compatible) gps and a serial cable to directly add the goecode to the EXIF Metadata while […]