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  • Upgraded to WP2.5 – Lots of problems with plugins

    As some of you have sure noticed, i upgraded to WP2.5 yesterday. While the upgrade of WordPress itself went relatively smooth. But then the problems started. After the upgrade i had a look at the homepage and there were no stories to see. I immediately suspected the plug-ins. After disabling all plug-ins the stories were […]

  • DailDeli for 2007-08-22

    A wordpress plugin for putting post on a googlemap, a software to transfer DiskImages from an Apple IIe, a directory of prehistoric old Apple software and an Apple II emulator:

  • DailyDeli for 2007-08-10

    Using the Python bindings for Quartz, information for publishers wrt. Google News, the Yelp API for  accessing business data, a tutorial explaining the inner workings of WordPress themes, and some more informations on python coding: