Back from the break – What to expect next

After nearly 3 weeks of holidays i’m back from the break. In the meantime i was mostly renovating my house and only occasionally reading through my subscriptions as well as surfing the net. There was no time for writing any articles, especially because i had to install and set-up my new media centre/home server mac mini :-)
Hopefully some of you found my DailyDeli postings interesting. This may be also a good time to explain my “publishing philosophy”:

  • In the main categories ( Noteworthy, Recommended Reading, Review, Quick n’ Dirty, Misfits) of this blog you will only find original posts of quite some length. I often try be shorter by fail miserably in that account.
    • Normally posts go into the Noteworthy category (because they tend to be to long for a Quick n’ Dirty post
    • Recommended reading and Review are the two categories i use if i write about some book (or report) i’m reading or some hard- software i’m reviewing
    • Misfits is the place for the rest
  • The DailyDeli category is the place where you can find (semi-)automatic posts of my new del.ici.ous bookmarks (often with short comments why i find these particular pages interesting and how i found them). A headline changing from “links for …” to “DailyDeli for …” signals that i edited the post.
  • I don’t bookmark blog entries on Instead i use Google reader to share them. The last 5 shared items are shown at the top of the blog home page.
  • You can also read all my subscriptions via the MyGrazr page

The reason for being a low frequency blog has nothing to do with no themes to write about. In fact the opposite is the case. A whole range of themes is in my head (and to some extend already on virtual paper). So expect to read:

  • More on ACAP newpapers and syndication issue,
  • Why i think that Atom and especially the Atom Publishing Protocol will be important
  • Some reviews of feedreaders and especially why Google Reader is important and easily can become Googles digg or Google News successor

Hopefully i will at least have the time to write short articles on all this until the christmas break. In the long run beside the above themes (and others) there will be especially three long running themes:

  • How could an alternative technical architecture for a news agencies look like if one starts with the question: “Is there a difference between a news agency and a blog network?”
  • Some ideas and experiments on news visualization and especially GeoNews.
  • What will be the impact of the OpenAPI, ClosedSource model used in Web2.0 on the open source movement?

So if you are interested in one or the other theme and/or would like to share your opinion or want to contact me in private for some other reason you can reach me now at relations (at)