DailyDeli for 2007-05-31

Catching up with 1 week holidays (part 1) as well as Where2.0 and AllThingsD announcements. Quite a collection from geo and python stuff  to a descriptin logic reasoner and a facet browser wirtten in java, so some visualization and virtualization stuff and  the website of the CIA’S( yes you read right) investment arm:



  • OLAP aggregation engine with MDX support, web interface (slice & dice) and relational database backend. See “Documentation” for more. Presentation: http://cubulus.sourceforge.net/. See online demo courtesy of Webfaction, http://alxtoth.webfactional.com

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  • multitask allows [WWW] Python programs to use [WWW] generators (aka coroutines) to perform cooperative multitasking and asynchronous I/O. Applications written using multitask consist of a set of cooperating tasks that yield to a shared task manager whenev

    (tags: software opensource python concurrency generator multitask)

  • ‘The Python Papers’ represents the efforts of Python enthusiasts who are excited by the technology and want to help it flourish. We are looking to mix in reader stories and feedback, articles addressing specific areas of python (such as recipes) etc, cod

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  • KeyJnote is a program that displays presentation slides. But unlike OpenOffice.org Impress or other similar applications, it does so with style.

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  • n-Q-Tel was established in 1999 as an independent, private, not-for-profit company to help the CIA and the greater US Intelligence Community (IC) to identify, acquire, and deploy cutting-edge technologies. I

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