New Year’s Resolution – Less Blog reading, more blog / code writing

My new year’s resolution for this year:

Less blog reading and more blog and code writing.

During the last year i accumulated about 150 feeds with a couple of hundred feed items per day. This resulted in way too much time spent reading (even using Google Reader), spare time that i need for other activities, e.g. writing blog posts and especially finally getting my hands dirty again and write some code.

Hence i did a bit of spring cleaning and cut down the feeds i follow regularily to around 50. Still quite some feeds. The balance shifted quite a bit away from mediablogs (too much self referentiality at least in germany) and “standard” web2.0 blogs like techcrunch) towards hardcore tech blogs and more specialized blogs focussing on GIS and Neogeography, Python and Django, Apple in general and the iTouch.

I will continue to share the most interesting feed items via my Google shared item feed. I would also be interested to learn of the shared item feeds that i might find interesting.

Expect me to focus my blog posts at these areas as well as on general remarks on media and or technology and my code writing to happen at the intersection of these areas :-)