Running Dromaeo on my MBP

I just discovered Dromaeo via John Resigs’ blog and had to give it a try. So what’s Dromaeo: From the blog post:

Dromaeo is the name that I’ve given to the JavaScript performance test suite that I’ve been working on over the past couple months

I had to give it a try with the two browsers i’m using right now on my MBP: Firefox and Safari 3.1 (5525.13). Not very surprisingly Safari ( 1753.60ms  total details) came out on top of Firefox (9462,60 ms total details). Things are definitely looking better for Firefox 3.0. But I’ll wait until it is out of beta and the important plug-ins i’m using are working seamlessly with FF.

That said,  i’m still using Firefox as my primary browser. The main reason being  the extensability and the slew of  extensions. Safari has a looong way to go to catch up on this. Anybody having a tip for a decent integration for Safari?