Month: July 2008

  • New feeds for Project hosting on Google Code [Google Code Blog]

    Nice announcement at: Google Code Blog: New feeds for Project hosting on Google Code (via Simon Willison) We get a lot of feedback on Google Code and one of the biggest requests have been for feeds (as you can see in issue 8, issue 131, or issue 190). Therefore, I’m happy to announce that we […]

  • The Changing Newsroom []

    Key Findings of the 2008 The Changing Newsroom study: The majority of newspapers are now suffering cutbacks in staffing, and even more in the amount of news, or newshole, they offer the public. The forces buffeting the industry continue to affect larger metro newspapers to a far greater extent than smaller ones. In some cases, […]

  • NPR API is Live on []

    Quotes from NPR: NPR API is Live on (via PaidContent): As referenced in yesterday’s post, we launched our new API today. To find the API, you can either go directly to or you can follow the new link called “Tools / API” on the left nav under the Services section. … There […]