Day: October 21, 2008

  • A quick note on QIK for iPhone

    Recently the rumors that an official QIK application for the iPhone might be imminent (E.g. Kevin Rose is showing it off over here and there are more speculations over here). I would love this to be true (i’ve a jailbroken iPod but my iPhone has to stay unjailbroken) but I very much doubt that thisĀ  […]

  • links for 2008-10-20

    Newzwag Blog Newzwag is a San Francisco-based company funded by Agence France-Presse (AFP). We develop technologies and ideas that bring one of the world's richest news resources to the rapidly evolving world of social media. (tags: newsagencies afp newzwag) Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Bloom Filter Resources The Bloom filter, conceived by Burton H. Bloom […]