A quick note on QIK for iPhone

Recently the rumors that an official QIK application for the iPhone might be imminent (E.g. Kevin Rose is showing it off over here and there are more speculations over here). I would love this to be true (i’ve a jailbroken iPod but my iPhone has to stay unjailbroken) but I very much doubt that this  app will be available in all AppStores. And this is not due to QIK but Apple.

Here’s the reason why:

AFAIK at least some countries demand that there has to be a visual clue that a video camera is engaged. Hence the little green LEDs next to the built in iSIghts, hence the red light on the N95 etc.

I’m not aware of any such mechanism on the iPhone. Hence i fear that in this case the minimalism and simplicity of Apple’s design will bite back at the possibilities to innovate.

Correct me if i’m wrong on this.