A quick note on QIK for iPhone

Recently the rumors that an official QIK application for the iPhone might be imminent (E.g. Kevin Rose is showing it off over here and there are more speculations over here). I would love this to be true (i’ve a jailbroken iPod but my iPhone has to stay unjailbroken) but I very much doubt that this  app will be available in all AppStores. And this is not due to QIK but Apple.

Here’s the reason why:

AFAIK at least some countries demand that there has to be a visual clue that a video camera is engaged. Hence the little green LEDs next to the built in iSIghts, hence the red light on the N95 etc.

I’m not aware of any such mechanism on the iPhone. Hence i fear that in this case the minimalism and simplicity of Apple’s design will bite back at the possibilities to innovate.

Correct me if i’m wrong on this.

iPhone 3G arrived – App Store a game changer for mobile apps

Finally the my iPhone 3G, arrived. I skipped the first gen, because didn’t have a feature i was interested in that wasn’t also contained inthe iTouch. With 3G/HSDPA and GPS it now also is featurewise mostly on par with my N95, only missing the 5Megapixel auto-focus camera with a Zeiss Lens.

I immediately updated it to 2.0.1. The plan is to NOT jailbreak it (it’s a company phone), but to upgrade the iTouch to 2.0.1 and jailbreak this one (any positive reports on jailbreaking the iTouch?).

After the jailbreak i had to pay a visit to the app store. Nothing too different  to Installer.app and Cydia, but a quantum leap compared to installing Apps on a N95.

THIS is a game changer for mobile application distribution to the average consumer. One and a half years ago we introduced RefreshMobiles mobizines – mobile newspaper versions (implemented in FlashLite for Series60 and as J2ME for other phones) in the german market. All in all the FlashVersion was featurewise comparable to the news apps you can get on the iPhone. But these apps never took off (and we canceled them half a year ago) due to two reasons.

First there was insuffient marketing from the newspapers and second andmore important: The provisioning process was cumbersome and error-prone. Even I, with nearly 10 years experience in the field had problems installing the apps.

Compared to this mess the installation of apps on the iPhone was as smooth as can be (I used the wifi at home for installation). I ended up with the following apps (and a zero cent bill):

Expect some reviews of the mobile news apps in the near future.