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  • iTouch: A second look

    After more than one week with the iTouch i have to say that my first impressions were definitely right. I haven’t upgraded to 1.1.2 yet, although fairly simple jailbreaking procedures are available right now. But there is no feature in 1.1.2 that i need desperately, hence i skip it until i have some spare time. […]

  • iwPhone Theme installed

    I just installed the iwPhone theme. Hence visitors accessing this blog with an iPhone or an iTouch, should have a different user experience. Right now I’m not satisfied with the look of the page. It neither a natural translation of the the veryplaintext theme i use, nor a good implementation of the iPhone human interface […]

  • Steve Jobs confirms SDK for iPhone

    Sems that i’ve been right with my ideas how Apple is going to open up the iPhone (see here and here). Ive just read on AppleInsider that Steve Jobs announced that there will be an SDK by February. In the announcement there is a direct reference to the security through digital signaturs concepts i anticipated […]