Month: April 2009

  • links for 2009-04-29

    Home – MongoDB – 10gen Confluence MongoDB is a high-performance, open source, schema-free document-oriented data store that's easy to deploy, manage and use. It's network accessible, written in C++ and offers the following features : * Collection oriented storage – easy storage of object-style data * Full index support, including on inner objects * Query […]

  • The key lesson I learned building PolitiFact: Demos, not memos |

    A quote from Pulitzer Prize winner Matt Waite (National reporting prize for PolitiFact): If you’ve never participated in a software project, a requirements document is a list of everything your app has to do. They are usually written by people who aren’t developers and usually come out of meetings that have very little to do […]

  • links for 2009-04-28

    css-template-layout – Google Code The project aims at providing web designers with a way to use the W3's CSS Template Layout Module today. As a jQuery plug-in, the script parses a given set of CSS rules and displays the content as indicated in the specification. Options include the ability to select the CSS parsed, as […]