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Fanstastic rant by Merlin Mann about his motivations to blog and to not like AllThingsD  voices underlying assumptions:

But, what if you’re trying to do something really different? What if the page views only really matter to you when they’re happening in front of a face you admire? What if your game is not primarily ads? What if — as I said in that email to Andy — what if you’re selling yourself? Or, even better put, what if you’re not really selling anything but the idea that you do interesting things? What if everyone’s best guesses about your motivation are wrong, cynical, and lead to decisions that actually harm rather than compliment? What if.

And, finally, as far as motivations go? If you’re married to page views, never assume that I am. If you’re angling for 1,000,000 Twitter followers whom you pretend to read, never assume that I am. And, if your project is based on generating compulsory year-over-year growth vis-a-vis market domination and fiduciary responsibility, never assume that I am.

Free as in “Me” | 43 Folders

links for 2009-04-14

  • I dislike animated sorting algorithm visualisations – there's too much of an air of hocus-pocus about them. Something impressive and complicated happens on screen, but more often than not the audience is left mystified. I think their creators must also know that they have precious little explanatory value, because the better ones are sexed up with play-by-play doodles, added, one feels, as an apologetic afterthought by some particularly dorky sportscaster. Nevertheless I've been unable to find a single attempt to visualise a sorting algorithm statically (if you know of any, please drop me a line).
  • This page lists the allowed extension values for the rel="" attribute in HTML5. You may add your own values to this list, which makes them legal HTML5 rel values. We ask that you try to avoid redundancy; if someone has already defined a value that does roughly what you want, please reuse it.