Month: October 2010

  • links for 2010-10-30

    Yelp's mrjob at master – GitHub mrjob is a Python package that helps you write and run Hadoop Streaming jobs. mrjob fully supports Amazon's Elastic MapReduce (EMR) service, which allows you to buy time on a Hadoop cluster on an hourly basis. It also works with your own Hadoop cluster. (tags: software opensource python hadoop […]

  • links for 2010-10-28

    Sencha – Sencha Animator – Create CSS3 Animations with Ease (tags: software animations html css3 sencha senchaanimator)

  • links for 2010-10-27

    google-refine – Project Hosting on Google Code Google Refine, a power tool for working with messy data (previously named Freebase Gridworks) (tags: software opensource google etl googlerefine) Pandoc – About pandoc If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife. Need to generate a man page from […]