What (TF) have i been doing

Sorry for the long hiatus on this blog. So before i start blogging again (new years resolution), a short wrap-up about what i was doing in the meantime. Since August, i

All in addition to running several projects: mostly focused on digital publishing, but also on (Geo-)Metadata and other stuff.

In my spare time i continued renovating the house and started setting up my new desktop computer (The first desktop i bought in more than ten years). Actually it is no longer a desktop since i wall mounted it. For those interested: it’s quite a beast (27” iMac, Core i7, 16GB RAM, SSD + 1 TB) that should povide the processing power for the experiments i want to run this year.

So all in all it was (and still is) a quite busy time.

I hope in the meantime you enjoyed my Google shared item feed, my delicious bookmark feed , and my twitter feed

But now i’m back and intend to spent more time on blogging (and building  stuff) again.