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  • State of the Nation – Daily Kos

    Very interesting stats on the sources used in the news from Daily Kos:. Shameless promotion: Now if all this source would have been linked with rel=”source”. How easy and transparent would all this have been. Whenever we debate the future of newspapers, inevitably someone asks, “if they go out of business, where will blogs get […]

  • Radar Theme: Web Ops [O’Reilly Radar]

    A quote from Radar Theme: Web Ops – O’Reilly Radar : It has been reported that every 100ms of latency costs Amazon 1% of profit. Every company whose web site drives their business is in the same situation, they just don’t know it yet. You can find the presentation reporting this fact over here (.ppt).


    A quote from Sam Zell via SAM ZELL’S NEW THINKING at WHAT’S NEXT: INNOVATIONS IN NEWSPAPERS: “I don’t believe it’s fair to hold me to the sentence that I expressed six months ago. I don’t know that anybody has a frame of reference on advertising revenue destruction that, in effect, is as bad as this, […]