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Very interesting stats on the sources used in the news from Daily Kos:.

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Whenever we debate the future of newspapers, inevitably someone asks, “if they go out of business, where will blogs get their stories?” That’s a companion argument to “who will conduct investigative journalism”? Well, just as a wide range of journalistic enterprises are conducting investigative reporting (including online news outlets, television stations, and advocacy groups), so too will we get our news from a variety of different sources. In fact, we already do.

Out of curiosity, I decided to see where the news we discuss on this site came from the past week, from Monday, April 6, to Sunday, April 12. If we linked to a source that got its information from another site, we followed the links until we got to the original source of the reporting (“secondary” source). In other words, I wanted to categorize the original source of information for every (front page) post on the site. Here’s the results of that link inventory:

Newspapers: 102 primary, 21 secondary

Blogs: 83 primary, 19 secondary

Advocacy organizations: 77 primary, 9 secondary

Television network: 69 primary, 14 secondary

Online news organizations: 54 primary, 5 secondary

Magazines and journals: 36 primary

Political trade press: 28 primary

Research/polling: 20 primary

Wikipedia: 21 primary, 8 secondary

Educational (.edu): 15 primary

Government: 14 primary, 5 secondary

Campaigns: 13 primary

Books: 6 primary

AP and other Wire: 5 secondary

Radio: 4 primary

Daily Kos: State of the Nation