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  • PicApp: Access to rights-cleared high-quality editorial photos of news for everyone

    Via the wordpress.com deal (via RWW) i learned about PicApp (Shame on me that i didn’t learn earlier about them). So  what is PicApp? Basically they are trying to overcome an obstacle that until now (at least IMHO)  hindered the proliferation of user generated journalism: Access to rights-cleared  access to high-quality editorial photos of breaking […]

  • DocumentCloud and OpenCalais: Some Questions

    Recently another KnightNews challenge winner announced the availability of the open source version of the code. This time DocumentCloud, a joined effort of NYT and ProPublica (not sure why these bigshots need grant money to do these things, but this is another story). It is opensourcing CrowdCloud which claims:  Parallel processing  for the rest of […]

  • Quotes from: What The Future Will Look Like For Journalists | paidContent

    Interesting piece from Jim Spanfeller, the CEO of forbes.com on paidContent. Some quotes: But I firmly believe that in the future we will need more professional journalists than we have today and they will be as valued—or perhaps even more highly valued—than they were 10 years ago. Will these professionals work for the same institutions […]