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  • Mark Lombardi : Global networks

    One of my long term areas of interest is design in general but especially information visualization. Even one of my theses during was about aesthetically pleasing layout algorithms for trees/hierarchies (For you tech guys: Done in the mid eighties in LOOPS/Flavors/LISP and Smalltalk-80 on Apollo Workstations for application in an expert system shell). Hence i […]

  • The Use of the Internet by America’s Newspapers

    The Bivings Group recently published a report on the state of the use of the internet by america’s newspapers. It summarizes the use of web and web2.0 features used on 100 newspapers websites. Here are their key findings: 76 of the nation’s top 100 newspapers offer RSS feeds on their websites. All of these feeds […]

  • Grand Challenges – The Changing Landscape of Online Delivery

    I finally took the time to read through the short article from BBC Research (approx. 10 pages in large print). It is not only interesting from its technical content and conclusions but even more by the underlying economical assumptioms and observations. They show, that at least some media companies are looking for a cooperation with […]