Category: Recommended Reading

  • On newspapers, brands and reading habits

    Yesterday i had the opportunity to read two brilliant pieces of journalism that perfectly showcase the dilemma newspapers are in : Online news is getting more and more fragmented via technical means. Hence People are able to pick their trusted sources on a much more fine grained scale as they had to do in the […]

  • Linda Stone: On Attention

    One of my personal highlights of DLD was the talk given by Linda Stone: “On Attention”. So i started to write this article directly after the talk on January 21st. Unfortunalety i had to wait until today in order to be able to finish it. Linda Stone started her talk asking some questions how the […]

  • Newspaper Next – Blueprint for transformation

    I just finished reading through “Blueprint for transformation” (Local copy) , the American Press Institutes Final Report on its’ Newspaper Next project. Touting itself as: “The American Press Institute’s groundbreaking research into the new business models for the newspaper industry: New ways to see opportunities, produce sustainable growth and reshape organizations for consistent innovation” it […]