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  • Beta for NYTimes Reader available

    I just noticed (via Read/WriteWeb) that the NYT opened up the beta program of the NYTReader software. Times Reader was unveiled by Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and Bill Gates in Seattle on April 28th this year and seems to be a successor or variant of the software that microsoft code-named “Max“. The screenshots at Read/WriteWeb look […]

  • “TimesReader”: Microsofts digital newspaper proposition?

    The hype On Friday afternoon at the closing session of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) conference Bill Gates unveiled a “new” piece of software intruducing the software by saying: Today we have two worlds that are limiting in their own way, … They are print and the Web. The Web surprisingly is not […]

  • Microsoft “Codename Max” News

    News agencies and newspapers often bear a grudge against news aggregators like Google News, looking at them as vampires that suck the blood out of a content providers RSS feeds and websites. One could tke a different point of view and argue that instead aggregators are sites that are traffic generators that increase the views […]