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  • Going places – Status and example

    Ed. note.: Another autumn-cleaning action. This time the post has been sitting here in a draft state since at least 15 months. Time to get it out of the door. It’s part of a  mini series called “Going places” about geocoding news at the source. Prior installments of this series can be found here. They […]

  • DailyDeli for 2007-03-01

    Software for turning your Mac into a seismograph, a replacement for applescript using one of my favorite programming languages, another Photo/Maps mashup-site (with client software that automatically geotags images based on GPS logger data), a SEO overview article, and a database of german bank identification codes.

  • Sony GPS-C1: A photo geocoding accessory done the wrong way

    Geocoding photos. i.e. adding latitude and longitude to a photos’ metadata gets more popular every day. To my knowledge the following options for geocoding images exist: “Integrated solution”: Professionals could use the nikon D200 with an attached Garmin (or compatible) gps and a serial cable to directly add the goecode to the EXIF Metadata while […]