DailyDeli for 2007-03-01

Software for turning your Mac into a seismograph, a replacement for applescript using one of my favorite programming languages, another Photo/Maps mashup-site (with client software that automatically geotags images based on GPS logger data), a SEO overview article, and a database of german bank identification codes.

Turning a mac into a seismograph:

  • SMSLib is the software library used by SeisMac and SeisMaCalibrate to access the Sudden Motion Sensors in recent Macintosh laptops. Written in Objective-C, it provides easy and stable access, abstracting hardware differences across eleven different models
  • SeisMac is a Mac OS X application that turns your MacBook or MacBook Pro into a seismograph. It access your laptop’s Sudden Motion Sensor in order to display real-time, three-axis acceleration graphs. Version 2.0’s enhancements make SeisMac an even more v

Applescript replacement:

  • Appscript is a high-level, user-friendly Apple event bridge that allows you to control scriptable Mac OS X applications using ordinary Python scripts. Appscript makes MacPython a serious alternative to Apple’s own AppleScript language for automating your
  • locr ermöglicht es, Fotos automatisch mit Ortsinformationen zu versehen. Damit lassen sich Fotos nach Orten sortieren und besser verwalten. Die Visualisierung der Positionen erfolgt auf digitalen Landkarten, Luft- und Satellitenbildern. Fotos können


Banking codes database: