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  • Some Thoughts on News Registries

    EdNotes: This post has been hanging around unpublished since July 24th. Just discoverde that i missed to push the publish button. Since i still think that it is relevant i’m going to push that button now. Yesterday the Associated Press made her move and announced their plans for a news registry based on the hnews […]

  • Commented on Blog Age: Sechs Thesen zum Erfolg von Google Wave

    My comment on: Blog Age: Sechs Thesen zum Erfolg von Google Wave. … 2. Ich finde Wave gerade für die Zusammenarbeit im redaktionellen Prozess sehr spannend. Was würdest du davon halten wenn  ihr statt von der dpa Texte / Bilder in IPTC7901 oder XML/RSS-Feeds zu erhalten, Zugriff auf Waves erhalten würdet (resp. Snapshots).

  • Interesting reads from an First amendment day discussion

    From the opening statement of Micheal Bugeja: We have a telling array of evidence in the selection of our speakers. We had invited Nigel Duara of the Associated Press to be here tonight; but I advised him not to after his wire service expressed concern that he may exercise free speech and voice opinion. For […]