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  • Google launches reverse geocoder

    Google just added a functionality to its MAP API  i was waiting for for quite some time: a reverse geocoder. When our editorial staff is geocoding the news, it is often the case the initial address is slighty wrong (or approximate). Hence they have to move that marker a bit and get the new coordinates […]

  • Radar Theme: Web Ops [O’Reilly Radar]

    A quote from Radar Theme: Web Ops – O’Reilly Radar : It has been reported that every 100ms of latency costs Amazon 1% of profit. Every company whose web site drives their business is in the same situation, they just don’t know it yet. You can find the presentation reporting this fact over here (.ppt).

  • New feeds for Project hosting on Google Code [Google Code Blog]

    Nice announcement at: Google Code Blog: New feeds for Project hosting on Google Code (via Simon Willison) We get a lot of feedback on Google Code and one of the biggest requests have been for feeds (as you can see in issue 8, issue 131, or issue 190). Therefore, I’m happy to announce that we […]