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  • MS doesn’t get it – big time

    Just for the occasional need (e.g. running ArcGIS or some other performance needing Windows only app) i installed Windows Vista Home Premium on my Windows Boot Camp partition. After all PC world has chosen it as the fastest Vista laptop. I directly activated it after installation and registered it. But the main use case for […]

  • DailyDeli for 2007-08-16

    A workaround for certain problems with MS SOAP services:

  • Beta for NYTimes Reader available

    I just noticed (via Read/WriteWeb) that the NYT opened up the beta program of the NYTReader software. Times Reader was unveiled by Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and Bill Gates in Seattle on April 28th this year and seems to be a successor or variant of the software that microsoft code-named “Max“. The screenshots at Read/WriteWeb look […]