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  • A new love: Q/R Codes and german print products

    Yesterday i went by train from Hamburg to Braunschweig. As usual one of connecting trains was late. Fortunately the connecting station for this relation* is Hannover Hbf. This is a big central station with a T-Mobile T-Punkt and a fairly good newspaper stand. So besides being the day when the fall of the Berlin wall […]

  • Some Remarks on the Open Handset Alliance

    So google finally announced a part of it’s mobile plans: A software platform called Android, built by the Open Handset Alliance. There’s already plenty of commentary from the usual suspects. (See below for my favorite quotes). My thoughts: In the 8 years im working in the mobile spaces i have yet to see an Alliance […]

  • DailyDeli for 2007-07-18

    A Network for user generated live imagery dpe Google Earth, more FLex components, an iPhone “widget” app, a mobile linux “umbrella” website and  OpenLibrary, Brewster Kahle’s answer to Danny Hillis Freebase ;-) :