DailyDeli for 2007-07-18

A Network for user generated live imagery dpe Google Earth, more FLex components, an iPhone “widget” app, a mobile linux “umbrella” website and  OpenLibrary, Brewster Kahle’s answer to Danny Hillis Freebase ;-) :

  • Pict’Earth is a Social Network used to collect, link and geotag RC, UAV/UAS or Kite derived Earth imagery for use in 3D Globe Programs including Google Earth, Virtual Earth, World Wind and ArcGIS Explorer

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Flex Components:

iPhone widgets:

  • Leaflets are small, mobile web-based applications you access from Safari on your iPhone. And since Leaflets are designed to run fast over AT&T’s EDGE network, you can use them anywhere: no wi-fi required.

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Mobile Linux: