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  • Newspapers and Yahoo!: There’s more to it than i knew / thought

    I just read a very interesting post at the NYT Bits blog, that reveals (at least to me) that there is much more in the deal between the Newspaper Consortium (NPC in the blog post) and Yahoo! that at least i knew / thought). I had filed this deal as a collaboration in the classified […]

  • EU commission stealing content – at least some Belgian newspapers should say so

    Did i get your attention? Now lets have a look at the details. Act I: Copiepresse vs. the Search Engines Last september a considerable amount of buzz was generated by the ruling of a belgian court that: Pursuant to the law dd. 15m June 1935 on the use of languages in judicial matters; Rejecting all […]

  • On newspapers, brands and reading habits

    Yesterday i had the opportunity to read two brilliant pieces of journalism that perfectly showcase the dilemma newspapers are in : Online news is getting more and more fragmented via technical means. Hence People are able to pick their trusted sources on a much more fine grained scale as they had to do in the […]