Month: May 2008

  • links for 2008-05-16

    Advanced Flash Components UMap is the Universal ActionScript 3.0 Mapping API. The scalable component model allows you to create rich maps with interactive data layers. (tags: software freeware actionscript maps umap) Google Maps API for Flash – Google Code This API lets Flex developers embed Google Maps in Flash applications. (tags: software api google maps […]

  • Visited Stanford and the Bookstore – Bought only five

    Between Where2.0 and WhereCamp i used the spare time to write bit more on some posts for my GoignPlaces miniseries (they are not quite finished but have gettting close) . I also paid a visit to Stanford and especially the bookstore. Very impressive selection of real computer-science books. Too much to actually carry back home […]

  • Knight Foundation winners announced – Tim-Berners Lee among them

    The Knight Foundation just announced the list of their winners. (Full List). Most notably, Tim Berners-Lee the inventor of the world wide web is among them, getting an grant (as part of an organization called the Media Standards Trust for a project called “Transparent Journalism” summarized as: With the copious amounts of information – and […]