Visited Stanford and the Bookstore – Bought only five

Between Where2.0 and WhereCamp i used the spare time to write bit more on some posts for my GoignPlaces miniseries (they are not quite finished but have gettting close) . I also paid a visit to Stanford and especially the bookstore. Very impressive selection of real computer-science books.

Too much to actually carry back home to Germany. Hence i decided not to buy various fascicles of TAOCP and quite some other books.

Finally i settled on the following five books: 3 computer science and two more popular science related books.

CS Books:

  • Jewels of Stringology (Maxime Crochemore, Wojciech Rytter) | Amazon (US)
  • Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art (Ira Greenberg) | Amazon (US)
  • Aesthetic Computing (Paul A. Fishwick (Ed.) | Amazon (US)


  • One to Nine – The Inner Life of Numbers (Andrew Hodges) | Amazon (US)
  • Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman – Adventures of a Curious Character (Richard P. Feynman) | Amazon (US)

BTW. : Does anybody know if and when Delicious Library 2 will finally get through the doors?

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PS.: Couldn’t get the image upload working with WP2.5 (Covers will be added later)