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  • Back from vacation

    For already some days i’m back from vacation (the first real summer holidays since a couple of years) and am still coping with the backlog (especially in catching up with the feeds in Google Reader). Instead of feeds i finally read some books (in reading order) Some quick comments on them: Exit Music: If you […]

  • Visited Stanford and the Bookstore – Bought only five

    Between Where2.0 and WhereCamp i used the spare time to write bit more on some posts for my GoignPlaces miniseries (they are not quite finished but have gettting close) . I also paid a visit to Stanford and especially the bookstore. Very impressive selection of real computer-science books. Too much to actually carry back home […]

  • More books

    I’ve been quite busy in the last weeks, first on the job and then being on a one week skiing holiday. Hence i wasn’t able to report on a couple of new books i bought recently. So lets do this. In order to be chronical first the ‘oldest book’ The Definitive Guide to django – […]