Back from vacation

For already some days i’m back from vacation (the first real summer holidays since a couple of years) and am still coping with the backlog (especially in catching up with the feeds in Google Reader).

Instead of feeds i finally read some books (in reading order)

Some quick comments on them:

  • Exit Music: If you are into mystery books and don’t know about Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus series you definitely should give it a try. But don’t start with Exit Music because it is no. 17 of the series and presumably the last one.  It has, as ever been a really great read.
  • The last lecture: Typical americon big ego professorship  and pathos shines through the whole bokk. Nevertheless an interesting read. Favourite quote already from the introduction (and is only indirectly related to the books content): “Engineering is not about the perfect solution, but about the best you can do given limited ressources”
  • Myths of innovations and Competing on the Edge: I wanted to get some more “business perspectives” on innovation and innovation strategies. We had these two books sitting on the shelf for some time and i finally found the time reading them.  I remember nothing specific about the first one , which mostly says that i was not surprised by anything in it. The second is a typical HBS book, it  is sufficient when you read the summaries. But given the time at vacation i read through all of it.  It would be really interesting waht happened to the companies discussed in the last 10 years, at what the pseudonyms of the companies stood for. Does anybody know?