More hassle for AP ahead: CNN starting to pitch its own wire service to newspapers

It look’s like there is more stormy weather ahead for AP. CNN  is starting to pitch it’S own wire service to potential newspaper customers.

A quote from a letter sent last week from Joe Middelburg, CNN Newsource Sales’ vice president of sales & affiliate relations:

“Like most major news organizations, CNN has its own internal wire service to provide original reporting on world news. With a worldwide staff of 3,800 people, 22 international bureaus, soon to be 15 domestic bureaus (including Seattle), 900 North American TV broadcast affiliates, a Web site, and a radio network, we are able to maintain a strong flow of up-to-the-minute stories. We now believe we have the base to offer this service to other news organizations.”

Definitely “interesting” times ahead for the AP.

In Germany there are still  (or is it already?) a number of wire services around (with dpa my employer being the predominant one) But we also see that more and more newspaper publishers are going to think about syndicating news at least among their different outlets.