First video of PixelQi screens

The following video shows the first prototypes of the PixelQi  displays i wrote about in my Why Times Reader 2.0 is important article when i characterized my dream eReading device as:

For the curious: My dream eReading device has for years been an Apple media pad. Right now my specs for this device read as follows: around 1.5 pound (hopefully lighter), beefed up iPhone OS (or better dual boot, full OS at a premium price), 7 – 10” display,  wi-fi 801.11n  plus 3G, all app store goodness, bluetooth for external keyboard connectivity as well as all other bluetoothy things, plus a PixelQi multitouch display.

The exiting thing : everything except the PixelQi display is available right now, the PixelQi schedule will allow for a WWDC presentation (or a launch at the traditional september special event).

So there are no longer any reasosns why Apple couldn’t build this kind of device. Now please do it

Update: The video seems to come from this blog post which also contains some 5Megapixel photots.