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  • This week in Apple’s publisher relations

    Since my last post on Apple’s subscription plans quite some things have happened, especially in this week: Monday On monday  the NYT reported: “Apple Moves to Tighten Control of App Store” that the iOS version  the Sony ereader app was rejected by Apple. Some application developers, including Sony, say Apple has told them they can […]

  • Apple’s subscription plans – my $0.02

    Last week the publishing world (at least the subset publishing magazines and newspapers) was set on fire, as Apple was apparently starting to tell some of them (either personally or via email) that it is changing it’s plans wrt. paid subscriptions of periodicals accessible via apps in the app store. First, on Jan. 14th there […]

  • Some short notes on the iPad

    My $0.02 (first edition) The perfect device for baby boomers and pensioneers As i already twittered : It looks like the perfect device for my mother (just turned 80).I always did not set-up a computer for her (although i’m storing a couple of my old ones at her home). It would just have been too […]