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  • A tale of a power adapter (ripoff)

    Recently Apple added a a knowledge base article announcing that they are replacing frayed power adapters (sees also here). The wording of that artcle is: Whether your product is in or out-of-warranty, you can take your adapter (you don’t need to take the computer, however, please do bring the computer’s serial number) to an Apple-Authorized […]

  • eReaders and eReading [Updated]

    Yesterday PlasticLogic demo’ed their forthcoming PlasticLogic reader at DEMOfall08. It is a very impressive device: 8,5×11 inch, very thin, under a pound. Displays all kinds of documents. Switching screens still takes a lot of time A color version of the screen is expected in 3- 5 years time. Nothing about the price point nor the […]

  • Will Apple finally ship my dream e-reading / netbook device?

    For quite some time  i’ve argued that  the iPhone / iPod touch is right now my favourite e-reading device (see here, here and here) (Having extensively tested e-ink devices like the Iliad). Hence i drooled for a iTouch like with a  7-9″ display. But Steve Jobs “seemingly” dissed any chance building such a device with […]