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  • Leopard: How-to update the BootCamp drivers on your Windows partition

    Yesterday i wrote that i’m missing the option to burn a driver CD in Leopards BootCamp Assistant. Turns out that the Leopard DVD IS ALREADY THE DRIVER CD. So another example of Apple thinking ahead and making things simple (at least for first time installers of Boot Camp). Unfortunately people like me that already installed […]

  • Apple install day, Composite color with AppleTV

    Yesterday was apple install day. Installed Leopard on a external drive attached to the mac mini as well as on my MBP. While waiting i also took the opportunity to have a second look at my AppleTV. Leopard Install Here are my (minor complaints) with Leopard installation: The various installation options ( e.g. archive and […]

  • Steve Jobs confirms SDK for iPhone

    Sems that i’ve been right with my ideas how Apple is going to open up the iPhone (see here and here). Ive just read on AppleInsider that Steve Jobs announced that there will be an SDK by February. In the announcement there is a direct reference to the security through digital signaturs concepts i anticipated […]