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  • 2010 – The year of the tablet

    On Monday Apple finally sent out the invites  to their January 27th event – widely presumed to be about the RAT  (Rumored Apple Tablet). Because everyone and their dog is speculating about what the RAT  would or not would be i just like to point you to the summaries that I think most likely  are […]

  • First video of PixelQi screens

    The following video shows the first prototypes of the PixelQi  displays i wrote about in my Why Times Reader 2.0 is important article when i characterized my dream eReading device as: For the curious: My dream eReading device has for years been an Apple media pad. Right now my specs for this device read as […]

  • TOC and Kindle 2

    So i’m attending TOC and was simultaneously  following the Kindle 2 launch (via liveblogs). My impression: Publishers are really exploring all opportunities to publish their content. To my surprise e.g. Leslie Hulse (Vice President, Digital Business Development at HarperCollins Publishers) stated that Piracy and hence DRM is no big concern. They are monitoring the torrent […]