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  • This week in Apple’s publisher relations

    Since my last post on Apple’s subscription plans quite some things have happened, especially in this week: Monday On monday  the NYT reported: “Apple Moves to Tighten Control of App Store” that the iOS version  the Sony ereader app was rejected by Apple. Some application developers, including Sony, say Apple has told them they can […]

  • eReaders and eReading [Updated]

    Yesterday PlasticLogic demo’ed their forthcoming PlasticLogic reader at DEMOfall08. It is a very impressive device: 8,5×11 inch, very thin, under a pound. Displays all kinds of documents. Switching screens still takes a lot of time A color version of the screen is expected in 3- 5 years time. Nothing about the price point nor the […]

  • Sporting News Today – An interesting digital “newspaper” experiment

    Last week “Sporting News Today“.It first looks like a traditional “epaper” version of a newspaper with the differences that the paper format is not portrait but landscape. But this newspaper is not going to be printed, at least not at the publishers premises. It is an all digital newspaper that is delivered to it’s subscribers […]