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  • Apple’s subscription plans – my $0.02

    Last week the publishing world (at least the subset publishing magazines and newspapers) was set on fire, as Apple was apparently starting to tell some of them (either personally or via email) that it is changing it’s plans wrt. paid subscriptions of periodicals accessible via apps in the app store. First, on Jan. 14th there […]

  • Comment on yelvington.com on algorithmic layout

    Steve Yelvington’s blog and twitter stream @yelvington are a must read in my daily inbox.  His latest post called: Algorithmic layout: Another thing the visual journalists are going to hate is a must read. Here’S (a little bit more than) the gist of it: Print designers want total control over arbitrary layout. The makers of […]

  • iPad News Apps review – Welcome to the link free zone

    I now had the chance to have a closer look at a number of news apps on the iPad. Here is my ranking (To a large extent i agree with  the reviews of Engadget): BBC News Reuters News Pro for iPad npr for iPad The Wall Street Journal USA Today NYT Editor’s Choice AP News […]