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  • Skyhook Wireless, Wardriving, WiGLE and Newspapers

    One of the most interesting facts of the Stevenote was the geolocation cooperation with Skyhook Wireless. Apple uses them in addition to Google in order to complement Google’s cell tower based triangulation with a Wi-Fi based triangulation. Wi-Fi based position is not new and e.g. used by Microsoft in VirtualEarth (AFAIR because of ActiveX only […]

  • Stevenote – What’s in for me?

    Yesterday’s Stevenote brought a number of announcements. As somebody who bought his first Apple computer (an Apple IIe) in 1984 and over the last years switched back to a mainly Apple setup at home (2MBP, 1 Mac mini, apple tv, Airport Extreme, iTouch, iPod 4G, iPod nano 1G), these announcements are definitely worth a closer […]

  • Kindle – The image i was to lazy to do

    Rex Hammond has written a great blog post about the amazon Kindle. Not too different from my thoughts about it. I especially like the following part (and the mock-up image): 5. Why do we need an eBook reader? This is directly related to my previous point, but it also relates what I wrote 18-months ago […]