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  • eReaders and eReading [Updated]

    Yesterday PlasticLogic demo’ed their forthcoming PlasticLogic reader at DEMOfall08. It is a very impressive device: 8,5×11 inch, very thin, under a pound. Displays all kinds of documents. Switching screens still takes a lot of time A color version of the screen is expected in 3- 5 years time. Nothing about the price point nor the […]

  • iPhone 3G arrived – App Store a game changer for mobile apps

    Finally the my iPhone 3G, arrived. I skipped the first gen, because didn’t have a feature i was interested in that wasn’t also contained inthe iTouch. With 3G/HSDPA and GPS it now also is featurewise mostly on par with my N95, only missing the 5Megapixel auto-focus camera with a Zeiss Lens. I immediately updated it […]

  • WordPress for iPhone WordPress for iPhone Available Now «

    Another great announcement at WordPress for iPhone WordPress for iPhone Available Now « : We’re live! WordPress for iPhone just launched on the App Store. Download it now and get to blogging. We’ll have more information about the project and how you can contribute soon.