Eds. Notes – FancyZoom, tapping into my SharedItems archive


A couple of weeks ago i made a small change to the way full size images are displayed. I’m now using FancyZoom, an excellent opensource way of javascript-enabling / web2.0-ifying this process. Since it leaves the html code completely untouched it should work seamlessly with feed readers, and degrade gracefully on old browsers. If you experience any problems, please tell me.

Tapping into my shared items

Some of you might have noticed that i make extensive use of the “Share item” feature of Google reader. I think of it as a service to the readers of this blog: An intelligent filter to the one-hundred smething feeds i’m reading. To be exact (according to my Google reader trends page):

From your 182 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 5,933 items, starred 0 items, shared 499 items, and emailed 0 items.

With my last post i decided that it makes sense to tap into this ressource while writing posts. In some sense i already did this in some way for quite some time. I used the search feature of google reader (filtered on my shared items) to find the respective blog posts.

I now decided to include a select list of the entries returned by these searches as a “See also service”. Please tell me if you consider this avaluable add on.right now i’m not sure if it makes sense to include the abstracts of the related posts. Please tell me.

Server upgrade

Since the 1 & 1 server this domain is running on was already a bit aged (approx. 4 years old) and as a precaution for the things to come (at least the things i’m planning to do) I decided to do a server crossgrade to a 1 & 1 Homepage Server L64 (Athlon 64×2 3800+, 2 x 2,0 GHz, 1 GB, 2 x 160 GB, Software-RAID). I suppose that this horsepower should be sufficient for the next few years, especially since i’m planning to use cloud computing facilities like S3, EC2 etc. in case i need really scalable web applications.

The process itself went smoother than anticipated. I ordered the cross-grade on Jan, 3rd. and was told that it would take approx. 5- 7 workdays.

Just to be sure first i did backup my MySQL-databases. There were some minor problems with the phpmyadmin supplied by 1&1 not being able to backup the database of this blog. Presumably because it was too big (or taking too long) due to all the Spam-Entries in the database. I had to resort ssh and the commandline (actually a much nicer process ;-) I then did a backup of the dumped databases and the webspace to my local machines via rsync.

Expecting something like a mail announcing that the maschine will be switched in the next 24 hours, i waited. On Jan, 7th just by curiosity i logged into the machine and did a “less /proc/cpuinfo” and found that the machine was already upgraded.

I tested the different domains and apps and it looks that all are running smoothly. So if you find any glitches, contact me.

iwPhone Theme installed

iwphone-2.pngI just installed the iwPhone theme. Hence visitors accessing this blog with an iPhone or an iTouch, should have a different user experience.

Right now I’m not satisfied with the look of the page. It neither a natural translation of the the veryplaintext theme i use, nor a good implementation of the iPhone human interface guideline. But it’s a starting point.

If anybody knows a better iPhone theme, i’d like to hear.

BTW.: Does anybody know it there is a way to autmatically t focus the page in a way that the addressbar is hidden? I find it a bit annoying (especially in landscape mode)