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  • News Apps Screenshots

    A number of screenhots taken from various news apps. Right now not taken in any particular order. Rem.: Unfortunately the iPad Screenshot facility does not store the orientation of the screenshot with the image, so that i couldn’t use the upload facility from the WordPress iPad App as i wantec too. Apple you have to […]

  • iPad – initial impressions

    This is a short post about my first impressions after using the iPad and some of the applications i downloaded. I wasn’t able to spend more time yet, because i’m attending wherecamp today and tomorrow and then flying back to germany. But i thought it would be a worthwile exercise. Buying experience Since i knew […]

  • Marcus Schwarze (HAZ) über den aktuellen Stand des wePad

    Marcus Schwarze von der HAZ war einer der wenigen die einen wePad Prototypen schon mal gesehen haben (Keine Ahnung ob es geholfen hat, dass Madsack, die Verlagsgruppe in der die HAZ erscheint über  TheMediaLab GmbH an WeFind einer anderen Neofonietochter beteiligt ist). In der HAZ berichtet er u.a. das folgende: Doch was ist das, was […]